Sherr, Jeremy

Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

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Introduction: I did not want to undertake this project. I did not wish to expose my students or... mehr
Produktinformationen "Proving of Plutonium Nitricum"
I did not want to undertake this project.
I did not wish to expose my students or myself to a proving of the most dangerous substance on earth. A substance with a half-life of 24,350 years. I was filled with fear.

Nevertheless, this work had to be done. It is our duty as homoeopaths to constantly upgrade our materia medica with new and useful healing agents. We live in the 'Radioactive Era', which has produced an enormous effect on the world around us. Nuclear power plants and weapons have created radioactive pollution, which has resulted in a new and severe class of disease. Some may view nuclear technology as beneficial, but our planet must pay a terrible price.

It became increasingly clear to me that we must find a homoeopathic match to the rapidly developing world of radioactive pollution and its concomitant diseases, particularly cancer. There are only two ways to scientifically generate the necessary knowledge: homoeopathic provings and the collection of toxicological reports.

This work is the result of an extensive Hahnemennian proving and research over the last four years. The information is now available for all to use. It is, therefore, up to the homoeopathic clinician to pick up the flaming torch and use this knowledge for the cure of the enormous amount of human sufferings that may find a simillimum in the radioactive remedies.

My initial experience with Plutonium nitricum is promising. I have succeeded in offering therapeutic help in many cases, this includes patients that have not responded to previous homoeopathic treatment. I have received frequent reports of successful cases of Plutonium nitricum, based on the proving, from homoeopaths around the world. I have no doubt that the toxicology and repertory of ionising radiation, published in this book, will lead to an even greater number of cures.
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