Gandhi, Dr. Mahesh

Homeopathy & Psychiatry

Homeopathy & Psychiatry
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376 S., geb., 1. Auflage 2017, Indian Edition (engl.)
Personal Evolution Model - The Foundation Book
The publisher:  Introduction Homoeopathy is a holistic and individualizing system of... mehr
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Homoeopathy is a holistic and individualizing system of alternative medicine.

It is subtle in its nature due to the dilution and potentization of natural substances, which are given as medicines. Hence, it is difficult to quantify it and it can be quantified only by its effect. Like Homeopathy, the Mind is also a subtle aspect of our existence, which can be quantified only by its functions of perception, emotions and intellect (sensations, feelings and thoughts). The two topics of discussion in this book, Homoeopathy and Psychiatry, are similar in nature, yet many practitioners of homoeopathy find psychiatric cases the most difficult to treat. This book aims to de-mystify the mystery surrounding the treatment of Psychiatric cases with Homoeopathy.

Everything that happens within the body of a living being is an expression of a corresponding information pattern within us. In a way, this software programs us all differently and makes us unique as individuals. It is this very software that presents us with the various messages manifested in the body or in the mind. The material body is the stage on which the images of our inner reality are reflected and force their way into expression. This unconscious inner reality is thus made visible to us. When we suffer from physical symptoms, the diseased parts of our body are not ill, they are the manifestations of a more central disturbance. The concept of ‘mental illness’ is completely misleading since Mind is never the primary seat of illness. It is just that the symptoms manifest themselves on the psychological level. The apparent illness can be either ‘Somatic’ or ‘Psychological’ depending on the level at which the inner reality chooses to express itself.

In Homeopathy, we believe that the mind and the body are affected at the same time. We believe that the problem is not in the mind or body, but in the vital force, which is at a deeper level. Since the disturbances in the vital force affect both the mind and body at the same time, the focus of the treatment should be to cure not just the bodily or mental expressions of this disturbance, but also something deeper; the disturbance in the vital force itself. If the vital force is primarily disturbed, we need to understand why this disturbance chooses to express itself physically in some individuals and psychologically in others. This will become clear, as we understand the Personal Evolution Model (PEM) in a deeper way. The concepts to be discussed in this book can be applied effectively not only in psychiatric cases but also in patients suffering with somatic complaints.

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