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200 S., geb., 1. Auflage 2018
Fish in Homeopathy
The publisher: Viktoria Bodrogi, a fine Hungarian homeopath, explores information and provings... mehr
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The publisher:

Viktoria Bodrogi, a fine Hungarian homeopath, explores information and provings on 19 fish remedies in homeopathy.
The oceans are the Kingdom less-well travelled, mostly inaccessible, yet the cradle of evolution, from the bacteria of the deep thermal vents to the masterly-evolved sharks. Our current knowledge only skims the waves.


In the first published volume of the materia medica of the kingdom of Fish, we enter the dreamy state of Waterworld, to find remedies for Alzheimer's and Autism, learning disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, skin and eating disorders, and fertility problems.


In 200 pages you will find the following:
•    The Materia Medica and Provings of 19 fish remedies and three related substances. Cured cases for several remedies.
•    Full colour photos and many diagrams.
•    The evolution of the fish
•    Fish in mythology and astrology
•    Fish anatomy and emotions
•    Symptoms that indicate the use of a fish remedy ~
•    Physicals, Mentals, Emotions
•    Polarities, sensations, dreams, delusions and affinities
•    Differentials between Aqua marina, Natrum mur and Fish remedies
•    Differentials between six fish groups for ease of prescription
•    The Lanthanides of the Seas
•    A list of Fish remedies
•    Useful double-page Overview of Mentals, Physicals and Generals.


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