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285 S., geb., 1. Auflage 2019, (engl.)
Der Verlag: Argon is the third book in Jeremy Sherr’s Noble Gas series. Building on the... mehr
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Der Verlag:

Argon is the third book in Jeremy Sherr’s Noble Gas series. Building on the understanding gained in Helium (2013) and Neon (2016), Jeremy continues to develop the themes of this perfect family of remedies.

Every row in the periodic table strives to be like its related noble gas. It is Jeremy’s belief that by understanding each of the noble gases we gain insight into the preceding series and the whole periodic table. Hence this book illuminates Argon’s related series of remedies, from Natrum to Chlorum.

The noble gases are remarkable remedies, as their perfection also exposes their opposing imperfections. Through a profound study of these remedies, we perceive the vertical line that runs through all of them: the line of Here, Now and Truth connecting heaven and earth.

A proving does not provide a materia medica – it is only an initial suggestion for the genus of a remedy. By exploring the connecting pathways between the proving symptoms and their deeper significance, Jeremy reveals the secrets of Argon and its related period, and demonstrates the science and art of transforming remedies and cases into a meaningful totality. This is the essence of good homoeopathy. Delve into this book and you will gain a profound understanding of Argon, the third period, materia medica, cases, the evolution of the soul, and a small corner of the universe.


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