Joshi, Bhawisha

Homoeopathy & Patterns, in the Periodic table - Antiquariat

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About the book Bhawisha Joshi is popular for her insight into Noble gases and her extensive work... mehr
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About the book
Bhawisha Joshi is popular for her insight into Noble gases and her extensive work on mineral remedies. In this book, she has put together a complete comprehensive understanding of the periodic table and detailed the picture of elements of Rows 1- 3. Every element has been explored to the utmost detail. Most important of all - the information is put in a reader friendly manner .The cases are well-edited and several tables have been put forth for quick and easy reference The left and the right side of the periodic table are effectively compared as are individual elements and an entire section is dedicated to salt remedies.

About the author
A graduate from the CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, Dr. Bhawisha Joshi, is a known homoeopath and a world class teacher of Homoeopathy.

She has been practicing along with her homoeopath husband , Dr. Shachindra Joshi , since a decade. The duo has been teaching in different countries all over the world for seven years. Dr. Bhawisha Joshi has conducted many Provings , some of which are from the Rutaceae family and Imponderables ( Laser beam) . Her insight into the Noble gases, Imponderables remedies and Nosodes has won her international acclaim. Through her clinical experiences and her seminars, Bhawisha has emerged as an original thinker in many ways. She and her husband have clarified many difficult areas of the mineral kingdom remedy pictures. They have been instrumental in bringing clarity and refinement to the understanding of mineral and salt remedies. Together they have managed to 'complete' several 'incomplete' areas of the mineral understanding.

Drs. Bhawisha and Shachindra together represent Homoeopathy in the prestigious Science Museum of London. All over the world in homoeopathic circles they are known as the 'Dynamic Duo of Homoeopathy'

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