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Iconography of Hahnemann

Iconography of Hahnemann
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166 Seiten, geb., engl., Indian Edition (2005), NUR 1 Restexpl.
A Pilgrimage
The author has written this book with much emotion and feeling and reverence for Hahnemann. He... mehr
Produktinformationen "Iconography of Hahnemann"

The author has written this book with much emotion and feeling and reverence for Hahnemann. He consider it a Pilgrimage from Hahnemann`s birth place in Meissen through Leipzig, Kothen and Paris and some smaller towns to his last resting place in Paris. The houses he lived in, streets in his name, monuments & statues, paintings and pictures from all over the world. To view his personal belongings and articles in personal use is indeed a great and touching experience for the Homoeopathy. These include his personal visiting card, seal, chairs that he used, office table, stethoscopes, caps, original bottles of medicines he used, and a Medicine chest personally prepared by him. Unusual and very special pictures are locks of his hair; the very original Cinchona bark used in experiment in 1790 alongwith Cullen`s Materia Medica; copy of Hufeland`s journal published in 1796, which contains the famous Hahnemann`s article on New Principle. As an Indian the author has given some details of the monuments & statues in India and a few pictures of the manner in which annual celebrations are held on 10th April, birth anniversary of Hahnemann, by garlanding and floral tributes, a typical Indian custom, as for saints and sages and deities. These also emphasise government participation. It can be considered as the author`s homage to his Guru, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

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