Gandhi, Dr. Mahesh

Homeopathy & Psychiatry - ANXIETY & PANIC

Homeopathy & Psychiatry - ANXIETY & PANIC
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402 Seiten, geb., 1. Auflage 2019 (Indian Edition, engl.)
Der Verlag: Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a Homeopath and Psychiatrist of international repute. For the... mehr
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A PEM Perspective
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Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a Homeopath and Psychiatrist of international repute. For the last thirty five years, he has successfully treated various Psychiatric Disorders with Homeopathy. This clinical experience has helped him introduce the Personal Evolution Model (PEM), a new working model in Psychiatry. The PEM model has been ably applied by him in his Homeopathic practice and a growing number of Homeopaths all over the world are now learning and finding it beneficial.

Dr Gandhi has been travelling and presenting cases world-wide, for last twenty years, teaching how to use this model effectively in treating Psychiatric Disorders. He also mentors the first ever, Post graduate Fellowship Program for Homeopaths. This Fellowship in Homeopathic Psychiatry and Counselling (PGFHPC) is a Mumbai University recognized course. Senior Homeopaths from all over India have welcomed this Program to learn and better their clinical skills. The ever increasing stress of our time pervades every sphere of our life. This has manifested in an upsurge in various Psychiatric Disorders and especially of anxiety and panic. It then becomes the need of the hour for Homeopaths to understand how to treat and effectively manage these illnesses.

After the enthusiastic and positive reception of his first book, Personal Evolution Model (PEM) - The Foundation book, this much awaited second book in the series, Anxiety and Panic – A PEM Perspective, gives clarity to homeopaths in treating cases of Anxiety effectively. This book not only addresses the theoretical concepts but also illustrates cases from his clinical practice using this new model of treatment.

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