Scholten, Jan

Homoeopathy and the Elements - Antiquariat

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Der Verlag Jan Scholten, M.D. has created a standard work in homeopathy with this book. The... mehr
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Der Verlag
Jan Scholten, M.D. has created a standard work in homeopathy with this book. The Element theory is an analysis of all the elements of the periodic table of Mendelejev. With this theory an analysis of the whole mineral kingdom became possible. It predicted the remedy pictures of many new remedies like Scandium, Ruthenium and Bismuthum.

Similarities in qualities of elements are reflected in similarities in the homeopathic pictures of those elements.


The rows of the periodic system have a theme. The rows are called series. The goldseries, row 6 of the system, have the theme of the leader, the king.


The columns represent stages in the development of the theme of a series. From left to right there's a rise, top and fall. The columns are stages in the proces of development. They are given the name of stage, numbered from 1 till 18.


The series have themes from diffrent ages in the human life. The second series for instance, called Carbonseries, has the theme of development of the ego, the personality. This theme belongs to childhood. The series thus represent the themes of life and after the proces of each theme has been finished the next theme starts its development. The whole can be represented in the form of spiral.

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