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Soul and Survival

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Why do similar groups of people share the same desires? Why are your responses to stress... mehr
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Why do similar groups of people share the same desires?
Why are your responses to stress predictable?
Why do you attract similar types of people toward you?
Why do similar circumstances keep repeating in your life?

The answer lies in knowing the difference between your soul and your survival instinct.

The soul is your rational mind, the ability to think and create.
The survival instinct is your protective reaction to stress.
Contentment means balancing soul and survival.
Traditional roles explain the type of survival instinct within you.

Your face is the connection between your inner and outer world.

More than a thousand people shared their stories and stress reactions and this information was matched to their facial structure. The outcome was astounding. It showed a deep link between facial structure, stress and the repeating patterns of life.

Soul and Survival is a new and unique way to gain simple answers to the complexities of life.

Soul and Survival provides a free on-line facial analysis program to help you find the survival group you belong to.

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