Zaren, Ananda

Materia Medica Volume 1 + 2

Materia Medica Volume 1 + 2
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566 S., 2 Bd, geb., Reprint 2003, Sprache: engl.
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Verlagsinfo: Ananda Zaren was an expert homeopath and a teacher of homeopathy as well as a... mehr
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Core Elements of the Materia Medica of the Mind

Ananda Zaren was an expert homeopath and a teacher of homeopathy as well as a teacher of teachers of homeopathy. Sadly, she passed away in 2008. She was an early student of George Vithoulkas, and she was a frequent lecturer in Germany where she lectured in hospitals. Her chapter on "The Wound, The Wall, and The Mask" is a real classic in the homeopathic literature, and she used this simple but important insight into describing each remedy in her books.

The author discusses well-known medicines-Calc-p, Cann-i, Caust, Hyos, Med, Sil, Anac, Calc, Nat-c, Sulph and Thuja. However, her unique interpretation of the mental aspects offers new insights, also into pathology, in a similar way to the work of Catherine Coulter.

Each drug is explored with respect to aetiology, the wound, the wall, the mask, relationship issues, childhood presentations, and comparative materia medica.

In the first chapter Ananda Zaren writes about the path of healing, describing the various stances the organism takes up to deal with trauma. This sensitively written introduction includes a section on 'Characteristics of the Wound and resultant Walls in Children? The following chapters describe 5 remedies and the Natrum family.

"When trauma affects the body a pattern of disorganisation occurs that will require structural repair.. Therefore healing is actually a process of reorganisation". The disorganised organism creates various mechanisms to deal with trauma wounding. "Avoidance mechanisms involve the tendency to shun new information as a strategy for moderating stress". Such patterns are adopted to " provide some control over an unpredictable environment .... remedies which tend to manifest avoiding behaviour include Cann-i; Carc; Staph; Calc Phos; Cocc; Thuja; ...... Identification with the role of victim implies helplessness and a tendency to blame oneself for any misfortune. Remedies that fall into this pathological pattern include Nat carb. Sil; Staph; Puls; Carc; Arg Nit; ......


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